Orbit Takara Sandwich Maker

Orbit Takara Sandwich Maker

Orbit Takara Sandwich Maker

Brand :Orbit
Product Code :Takara
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  • Rs.1,400.00


  • Ex Tax:Rs.1,199.00


1. Power 750

2. 2 Slice touch cool handle

3. Non-stick coating plate

4. Easy to clean


Rollover model of Orbit Takara Grill Like having your sandwiches on a daily basis or weekly? Get hold of this sandwich maker and make your life simpler. This particular sandwich maker has a very sleek and modern look to it, and is petite and lean so it will not take up a lot of your space in the kitchen. Made from stainless steel, the sandwich maker also has a non stick layering which makes it easier for you to clean and wash the grill. You can also toast and grill other items in the sandwich maker. Orbit introduces products in the market which are durable and are found at an affordable price.

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